The Parliamentary Secretary for Defence Support, the Hon. Dr Mike Kelly AM
MP, today announced that he has accepted the recommendations of the
independent Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal report of the inquiry into
the eligibility criteria for the Australian Defence Medal.

“The Australian Defence Medal (ADM) recognises Australian Defence Force
(ADF) regular and Reserve personnel who have, within a set timeframe,
demonstrated their commitment and contribution to the nation,” Dr Kelly

“The release of the findings fulfils a key Rudd Labor Government election
commitment. I am very pleased to announce that the Government has accepted
the Tribunal’s findings, and I have asked Defence to implement the

In particular, the report recommends that applications for the ADM from
ex-serving members who were medically discharged without a compensable
injury or illness be considered on a case-by-case basis. Read the rest of this entry »


From Denny Neave —

Having completed a number of projects over the last 18 months where I was fortunate enough to interview numerous Past and Present serving Soldiers. I am always in awe of the stories that flow so freely from these men and women and of the significance they have played in shaping our national identity.

The realty saddens me as we watch each year the number of our veterans grow fewer and this year it hit home that I can do something to help ensure their stories are not lost on future generations.

I am embarking on a project to interview on film as many past serving soldiers as possible. I will be donating my time as well as that of my staff and equipment in a film company I am associated with. My desire is to interview over 500 soldiers over the next 12 months.

My vision is that over time we will be able to edit video clips of these interviews and build a website where families, public, student etc can go to watch these men and women and hear their stories.

Now whilst I am donating my staff, equipment and my time it will not be without a lot of hard costs predominantly – travel. I will be sending a proposal to ALL RSL’s to see if they will come on board and donate a very small amount of money and provide a list of their members who are interested in being interviewed on film. I believe each RSL will donate a very small amount and provide at least 10-20 members we can co-ordinate to film. Based on the philosophy many hands make light work so to will this small fee go a long way in funding all the on costs for this project.

I will also be asking for anyone who would like to be on the project team to make this happen. Ideally I would like one person from each state who will work in with me to coordinate all these soldiers and get as many together on each filming day as possible etc. This only needs someone with passion and the ability to pick up the phone and coordinate these blokes.

Finally as the song goes from little things big things grow – If you could pass this onto your friends I am sure a few volunteers will pop up and then the RSL’s will be lining up!

Anyone can contact me directly via email at

Thanks and I hope the RSL’s come to the party to help this happen I will keep you posted.

Denny Neave
Big Sky Publishing

Medal Mounting

Anzac Day is fast approaching, and if you haven’t had your medals mounted yet, I’d suggest you contact:

John Franklin – He’s located in Brisbane and is an ex-soldier, doing a great job.
These are my court mounted medals.


Victoria Bitter Top Ticket Competition


I’m sitting here scratching my head, wondering whether to write this post or not. I’m not overly sensitive about our history, and certainly don’t blame current generations for the sins of their forebears, but I really can’t understand what led Carlton and United Beverages to think that this was on OK symbol for their packaging of VB cans.

It relates to their current top ticket competition and one of the prizes you can win ins a trip to Tokyo to see a rock band.

The Japanese rising sun flag is  particularly offensive to Chinese and Koreans, who suffered hideous massacres and  to Australians, British and American soldiers who were tortured in WWII.  They, their families and friends of broken diggers will certainly never forget.

I can understand some young graphic designer lacking awareness of this symbolism, but I find it astounding that someone higher up didn’t find it a bit tasteless. Also, I’ve googled the promotion and am surprised to find that the RSL doesn’t have a point of view, particularly as their clubs probably sell the beverage.

Here’s a reminder of one act that was perpetrated under this flag.


A Japanese soldier, Yasuno Chikao, prepares to behead Australian Sergeant Leonard G. Siffleet at Aitape in New Guinea in 1943.

So what’s next CUB?