Kokoda Track – Help Local Villagers

Looking for adventure, a different challenge or need a fitness goal?

Then sign up with a group of your friends or family to trek the Kokoda Track and in doing so, know that you will be helping villagers in the mountains of Papua New Guinea with employment and access to school teachers and medical supplies.

volunteer teacher at Noro Village The trip will be delivered by Naoro Kokoda Treks Pty Ltd, a company established by local PNG men who live along the Track with voluntary assistance from Australians Lindy & Peter Dunn of Canberra. They have worked with the men (who have years of experience guiding and portering for other companies), who now wish to be independent and see profits go directly to their villages.

Neither of the two Naoro villages have a school teacher, although they have built beautiful bush school houses. Likewise, medical services are rudimentary and supplies extremely limited. Many of the village people, especially the children, continue to contract malaria and often supplies of medications are non existent. By trekking you can help these people and they look forward to welcoming you to their land.

Sadly, very little of the massive aid program Australia is delivering to PNG is reaching these villages.

The Treks

Two treks are offered, the first, a 10 day full Kokoda Track trek, starting either at Owers’ Corner and finishing in the town of Kokoda before flying back to Port Moresby or in reverse. The second option (still 10 days however less trekking) is a more culturally focused trek involving trekking along the Kokoda Track for 3 days from Port Moresby end, before leaving the track to trek through both Naoro villages before returning on a slightly easier path to the start.

Both trips allow an opportunity to experience the war time track and learn the history of the area as well as gain an understanding of the culture of PNG. The second allows more time for village stays.


Cost ex Port Moresby is $3,300 (2nd option $3000 as there is no need for an internal flight). In 2010, departure dates between June and October, can be arranged to suit your group.

So take your fitness to a new level – or start training now to ensure you are ready to enjoy this awesome experience. You will be offered a training program when booking for the trip and can either do it by yourself or train together with your group.

Full details on the development and aims of the company, costs and inclusions of the trip can be found on the website or by emailing Lindy at lindy@NKTreks.com.au .

A powerpoint presentation can be made available for viewing at one of your group’s meetings to generate interest or Lindy can also hold briefing nights and show photos from the trek and village life should you have a group enthusiastic.

Contact Lindy directly at lindy@NKTreks.com.au or M 0407 910 603 to discuss aspects of the trek or the community development project.

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LindyMarch 1st, 2010 at 9:51 am

Thanks heaps Bill – all promotion greatly appreciated! Loved your new song too.

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