Colonel Peter Richards Funeral Today

Army - RbobHow sad to hear that Peter Richards has passed on. He was a good man and a pleasure to work for.

Every picture tells a story, and this good man was in the unfortunate position of having his phote taken with three reprobates – me, Bob Monaghan and Chris Wallace.

…. some time later…

Unbeknowns to R-Bob and me, the Colonel had asked Wally to attend an official function on behalf of the DG. We just assumed that, as was his wont, Wally had decided to slide off on the turps for the afternoon. A devilishly cunning plan was devised involving forging the Colonel’s signature on a note that said “Where were you yesterday afternoon? See me.” Much peurile hilarity and mirth.

So Wal comes in the next day, puzzled, to see the Colonel.

“You wanted to see me Sir?”
“No, not really”
“But you said so in the note, Sir.”
“What note?”
“This note, Sir”

PG Richards looked at for a while, and while the signature was a reasonable facsimile to the untrained eye, R-Bob having majored in forgery, the Colonel declared;

“That’s not my signature! Someone is having a lend of you! Hmm – I know the culprit – fetch Johhny Mac!”

Now Johnny Mac would never have been party to something as nefarious as this, but he managed to cop the blame.

Come to think of it, I do remember a time in the central highlands of Java where there were three of us in a taxi, with JM teaching the Bandung taxidriver how to sing the Toreador song from Carmen … but that’s another story.

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