Victoria Bitter Top Ticket Competition


I’m sitting here scratching my head, wondering whether to write this post or not. I’m not overly sensitive about our history, and certainly don’t blame current generations for the sins of their forebears, but I really can’t understand what led Carlton and United Beverages to think that this was on OK symbol for their packaging of VB cans.

It relates to their current top ticket competition and one of the prizes you can win ins a trip to Tokyo to see a rock band.

The Japanese rising sun flag is  particularly offensive to Chinese and Koreans, who suffered hideous massacres and  to Australians, British and American soldiers who were tortured in WWII.  They, their families and friends of broken diggers will certainly never forget.

I can understand some young graphic designer lacking awareness of this symbolism, but I find it astounding that someone higher up didn’t find it a bit tasteless. Also, I’ve googled the promotion and am surprised to find that the RSL doesn’t have a point of view, particularly as their clubs probably sell the beverage.

Here’s a reminder of one act that was perpetrated under this flag.


A Japanese soldier, Yasuno Chikao, prepares to behead Australian Sergeant Leonard G. Siffleet at Aitape in New Guinea in 1943.

So what’s next CUB?



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