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You’ll notice I’ve changed the theme of the web site – I felt it was a bit gloomy. As well I’ve changed the pricing and details on the CD, now $15 Australian including post and pack, and I’ll upload more songs when I get the chance.


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TrevorApril 22nd, 2007 at 7:33 pm

This is a great site, your music and words capture everything we went through in Nam, You two gentlemen have done all of us Australian and American Vietnam Veterans PROUD!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your service and thanks for being the greatest allies we Americans have ever had the privlege of serving with, your fellow Australians can be PROUD of their magnificent troops who performed brilliantly and with great Courage, Gallantry, and Supreme Valor on the battlefields of Vietnam. I also had the great thrill of taking my R&R to Sydney, Australia in the last week of October 1969, it was one of my most cherished memories from that war.

My God bless and reward you most abunately in your future. It is my pleasure to pass on the information about your site to my fellow veterans and my friends. I was assigned to the Vietnamese Air Base at Binh-Thuy outside of Can-Tho City, in the Mekong Delta, serving as an Advisor to the Vietnamese Air Force. I also served as a Combat Sercurity Policeman guarding the perimeter at night with the 632nd Security Police Squadron of the US Air Force, I was an Airman first class (Two stripes).

Thank you again for your service. Terry A. Sasek A 1/C USAF Veteran 1968-1974. Vietnam Nov. 1968 – Nov. 1969

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