New Song – Mooloolaba



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I decided a few months ago that any new songs I wrote would be happy. It’s too easy to be miserable.

Anyway I used to be in a band in Canberra in the early 80’s with a wonderful character we vcalled Uncle Don – we called him that because he was significantly older than us. He was a resourceful dude who built his own pedal steel guitar out of wood, scrap metal and car parts and he was a colorful addition to our already colorful country-rock band.

He comes to Qld every year to escape the Canberra winter with his wife, Jill.  Last year we were sharing a few beers and reminisces and fooling around with the chorus of a song, deciding to write one each. Here’s my paean to the wonderful Mooloolaba beach.

I had a hand from some musos all round the country – Michael Schack from Warrnambool, formerly from the Dead Livers, but still gigging around, Graeme Cameron from Melbourne, from Mike Noga and the Gentlemen of fortune, and Toni Pollard, great country, blues and swing singer, and good all round shiela.

If you like the song, tell Jimmy Buffet and ask him to record it!

Kokoda Track – Help Local Villagers

Looking for adventure, a different challenge or need a fitness goal?

Then sign up with a group of your friends or family to trek the Kokoda Track and in doing so, know that you will be helping villagers in the mountains of Papua New Guinea with employment and access to school teachers and medical supplies.

volunteer teacher at Noro Village The trip will be delivered by Naoro Kokoda Treks Pty Ltd, a company established by local PNG men who live along the Track with voluntary assistance from Australians Lindy & Peter Dunn of Canberra. They have worked with the men (who have years of experience guiding and portering for other companies), who now wish to be independent and see profits go directly to their villages.

Neither of the two Naoro villages have a school teacher, although they have built beautiful bush school houses. Likewise, medical services are rudimentary and supplies extremely limited. Many of the village people, especially the children, continue to contract malaria and often supplies of medications are non existent. By trekking you can help these people and they look forward to welcoming you to their land. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Stock Music and Sound Effects

Stock Music and Sound Effects Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme.
This a really good site for getting resources for your multimedia or recording projects.

Care Package for Australian Soldiers (and Dogs) in Afghanistan

Mick Cassidy sent me this message – I’m going to send a package this week.

Dear friends,

As you know, the Festive Season is quickly closing on us and it is asked that you spare a thought for our soldiers serving our country in harm’s way in Afghanistan.

sabiPerhaps you may wish to send a soldier a care package. The idea behind this is that some troops over in Afghanistan may not have family who are able to send them packages with things they may need or things that make their time over there just that tiny bit easier. There may also just be a soldier who is finding their time over there difficult and just needs a bit of cheering up. It’ll get given to whoever needs it most. Read the rest of this entry »